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New health results of Cuketa Strážce palisád: HD and ED 0/0, SA negativ, OCD negativ


FMBB 2019 - Bastille Strázce palisát took 10th place in bijekering!


2019-02-16 Nadia ze Svobodného dvora took 3th place in IGP 3, BC CUP Kladno Švermov, judge Jitka Jozová, poins 77/87


2018-11-10 Nadia ze Svobodného dvora passed SPr 3, Judge: Josef Prášil.

9. 9. 2018 Bastille Strazce palisad and her owner passed BH! Congratulations!



All our puppies have new owners. We wish tham a lot of fun, health and luck!

We have got two available females








2018-05-06 Bastille Strážce palisád (Nadia ze Svobodného dvora x Demon de Alphaville Bohemia) won 2x agillity race. She has got 2x best time and 2x no mistakes! Congratulations!


Videa of our litter C´s father

2018-04-16 We have got 10 puppies. 7 females and 3 males. Father is Danish dog Independent´s Spirit´s i´Ro, HD, ED and SA clear, IPO3, 3x Danish Champion, 3x FCI IPO3 World Championship participant (2017 8th place), 2x FMBB participant, FMBB 2018 nomination x Nadia ze Svobodného dvora HD and ED clear, SDCA1 and 2 clear, SPr2 a IPO1. We have available puppies!



2018-04-15 Bastille Strazce palisad  (Demon de Alphaville Bohemia x Nadia ze Svobodného dvora) passed her second working exan ZZO1 in the age of 15 month! Congratulations!


2018-04-07  Father of our expectant litter C  Independet Spirit´s I´Ro won Danish Championship with grat points 96/98/98!





Pregnacy is Confirmed! https://www.working-dog.com/breed/Str%C3%A1%C5%BEce-palis%C3%A1d-132775


2018-02-14 at St. Valentine´s day we mated our Malinois female Nadia ze Svobodneho dvora HD and ED 0/0, SDCA1 clear, BH, IPO1, SPr2 with dog Independent Spirit I´Ro HD, ED, SPONDY clear, BH, IPO3, FCI World Championship participant 2015, 2016, 2017 (8th place), World Championship FMBB participant 2016 and 2017, Danish Chapmionship winner 2016 and 2017. More about dog you can find at: http://annesen.com . More about the planing litter you can find on: https://www.working-dog.com/breed/Str%C3%A1%C5%BEce-palis%C3%A1d-132775


We have new health test results. Nadia ze Svobodného dvora is SDCA2 N/N - clear



2018-02-03 Aligátor Fire Fox Kapanga was 2nd in IPO 3 race in race B-C Cup, place Kladno Švermov



2017-11-26 won Bastille Strážce palisád obedience raci in ZZO in the age of 11 month! Congratulations!




2017-11-25 and 26 Anabella Strazce palisad was successful in Podgorica Dog Show. on 25th she was Exc. CAC, CACIB, BOB and in the end she is Champion Monte Negro, Grand Champion Monte Negro and Crufts 2018 nomination. All these from working class!



2017-11-19 Bastille Strážce palisád passed her first working exam ZZO in the age of 10 month with her owner Aneta! Congratulations!



2017-09-03 - Nadia ze Svobodného dvora passed SPr2 exam (IPO2 protection) - 94 points! 



New health result - Yasper v. Erikso is PRA clear!




8 May 2017 Amy Strazce palisad passed her first exam -  BH!



8 May 2017 Yasper von Erikson passed ZVV3 98/70/95



30 April 2017 Nadia ze Svobodneho dvora passed IPO1 73/76/90a



We have good news, both our malinois (Nadia ze Svobodného dvora and Aligátor Fire Fox Kapanga) are SDCA1 clear! Litter A is clear as well!

certifiká ataxie AJ.pdf

certifikát Ataxie AJ.pdf


Puppies´s pictures: http://strazce-palisad-kennel.rajce.idnes.cz/malinois_vrh_B_Malinois_B_litter/


We have Malinois puppies! January 8 2017 have been born 12 malinois puppies - 4 males and 8 females!




6. 11. 2016 succesfull mating of our Nadia ze Svobodného dvora HD and ED 0/0, BH, SPr1 and  Demon de Alphaville Bohemia, HD and ED 0/0, IPO3, ZVV1 vinner of many competitions.


5. 11. 2016 pass Nadie ze Svobodneho dvora SPr1 exam with 91 points in Kladno Svermov Dog´s Cub, judge: Jiri Cakora.


Our welsh terier pup - Aika Strazce palisad has got new web:  http://strazce-lesa.webnode.cz/


15. 10. 2016 female from our litter "A" Anabella Strazce palisad meet the conditions to become stud female and 16. 10. 2016 pass ZVV1 exam in Kladno Rozdělov dog´s club with points 82/79/94. So Anabella is stud female, ZVV1 exam and exelent from show, HD+ED+SA 0/0





2. 10. 2016 Yasper pass ZVV2 exam 75/83/91, judge Jaroslav Stareček



11. 9. 2016 exam ZPO1 (obedience ZVV1 and defence ZVV3), Yasper won 3rd place nad Aligator was 1st.



7. 5. 2016 Yasper von Erikson was succesfull in SPr3 exam - 82 :)



16. 4. 2016 Aligator Fire Fox Kapanga took place at Qualification for hte Jinior Championship 2016, Zbraslav, IPO3 - 94/70/86 and qualify for CZ Junior Championship!



12. 3. 2016Aligator Fire Fox Kapanga was 2nd on IPO3 race at Lany



18. 10. 2015 Yasper von Erikson was succesfull in ZVV1 exam 90/87/92

27. 9. 2015 Nadia ze Svobodného dvora (Malinois) made BH exam. Judge Renata Machová


WT Aika Strážce palisád made new hunting exam - fetching animals! Well done!


WT Aika Strážce palisád made new hunting exams! Well done!


All puppies are at new homes. We wish tham a lot of luck!


We have available puppies. They have vaccination, chips, passports and are ready to go to new homes. They love to play with everithing :)



1. 5. 2015 12 puppies were born - 4 male and 8 female, they are very lively and Nadia is perfect mother. Pedigree: http://www.working-dog.eu/breed/Strazce-palisad-57258



27. 4. 2015 Betinka a Broček have left for their new homes. We wish them all the best that they would make their new masters happy all the time.  



26. 4. 2015 Aligátor Fire Fox Kapanga together with Diana participated in a qualification competition for the youth championship in the IPO 2 category. It was their first competition together and they had the best defence in their category with 96 points. 


19. 5. 2015 Yasper von Erikson passed exam SPr 2 with 95 points and Aligator Fire Fox Kapanga (Garfíld) 100 points! Judge: Jiří Pružina, helper: Pavel Hrubý, place: Podlešín.


24. 3. 2015 puppies´s pfotogalery (http://www.strazcepalisad.cz/fotoalbum/wt-vrh-b/)  have been made and new photos from defence traning has been edded. 


Aligátor Fire Fox Kapanga

9. 3. 2015 two puppies were born - male and the female, they are very lively and Nelinda is perfect mother.




Nelinda - the 58th day of pregnancy




1. 3. 2015 succesfull mating of our Nadia ze Svobodného dvora HD and ED 0/0 and our Aligátor Fire Fox Kapanga IPO 3, ZM, ZVV1, ZPO1 took place




















14. 2. 2015 Yasper von Erikson took part in defence competition in Kladno-Švermov and won third place with the best defence - 91 points!


10. 1. 2015 succesfull mating between our Nelinda Bludov, V1 CAC, hunting exams: ZV, norník, PZ and  CH Urf Říjof (o: Ir z Keřového vrchu, m: Quiris Říjof) - Czech champion, 3xCACIB, 4xCAC, hunting exams: norník, BZ

Český šampion.pdfnela-2.jpg










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